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Living in the Virgin Islands is about enjoying all kinds of new experiences. Getting outside the box. Recalibrating.

My family and I arrived on St. Thomas from Massachusetts in 2003. Born in Buffalo, I will never forget being introduced to the island by a real estate agent who took us up a very steep driveway, prompting the all-intelligent question from me… “How do they do this in the snow?!”

Well – I quickly figured out the answer, and I’ve never looked back. My three daughters grew up on St. Thomas, got a great education and went off to wonderful colleges. The pace of life here is pleasant. And whether there are millions or singles in your pocket, we all wind up shopping at K-Mart, and we tend to drive cars that inevitably sport some dings.

I like to say to people who are moving here for the first time, there are two rules for Living in the Virgin Islands. Rule One: You must have a sense of humor. Rule Two: Don’t presume things will be logical (see rule one).

I was trained at Columbia University in journalism, and I worked on St Thomas as a reporter for a few years, as well as for Antilles School as an administrator. Since 2007, I’ve worked in real estate for Sea Glass Properties, a logical career diversion given my love for St. Thomas and island life. I’ve been president of the St. Thomas Board of Realtors, and was voted Best Realtor on St. Thomas by readers of the Virgin Islands Daily News three consecutive years. I am happy to share my enthusiasm for the island with those just dipping their toes into our gorgeous Caribbean waters.

I’ve lived in several parts of St Thomas, so I’m a good one to consult about being an East-Ender or a Northsider, the West End or the Southside. Concrete vs. a wood framed home? Cisterns and roofs? Mortgages, inspections, insurance? Once we’ve solved the real estate questions, what about daily life? Doctors, lawyers, hairdressers? Good restaurants, cinemas, social spots? (Hold on to your hat - we even have a bowling alley.)

What Barbara's Clients Say

“ Barbara Birt stands out as one of the most trustworthy, efficient, and conscientious real estate professionals I know—anywhere. ”

Laurie LeClair – Prospective Buyer

“ If anyone is looking to sell or buy a property in St Thomas, Barbara Birt is amazing. I worked with her remotely, to sell my deceased Mother's condo. She was so patient, understanding and honest to deal with. ”

Liana Revock - Seller

“ Quite frankly, I don’t know how we could have made this move without Barbara. The service she gave us was truly exceptional. ”

Liz McPearce - Buyer

“ It is our pleasure to recommend Barbara Birt as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home or desiring to sell their home. ”

Sonny & Sharon Parnell - Sellers

“From being the Realtor of the year to president of her board of Realtors, and associating herself with a real estate company with the best mobile site (Sea Glass Properties), I didn't need much more than that to decide to work with her for my St Thomas home buying needs...”

Mike Brennan – Buyer

“ Barbara is simply the best! As a first time home buyer, Barbara took the time and extra effort to guide me through every aspect of the home buying process. ”

Diane Richardson - Buyer

“ Barbara is absolutely patient and engaging. She is more interested in the right home for your family than the commission, which speaks volumes about her professionalism and dedication. ”

Carol Baker-Robinson - Renter

“ This person is a professional in every sense of the word! I have never met a realtor with her persona! Her word is her bond. ”

Glen Smith - Buyer

“ I had the recent opportunity to work in the US Virgin Islands. My needs included both short term and long term accommodation. Before I left for the island, I began corresponding with Barbara through a local St. Thomas referral, and am grateful that I did. ”

Daphne Nelson - Renter

“ We worked with Barbra about 2 years ago on purchasing a home on St. Thomes. Her knowledge of the island was a great help. ”

Jackie Carberry - Buyer

“ Barbara is a consummate professional! Not only is she a highly knowledgeable realtor, she also has a wealth of information to share regarding our islands. ”

Amanda Maguire - Buyer

“ I cannot say enough about Barbara and her expertise. We are now happy St. Thomas homeowners and without her diligence, it never would have happened. ”

Anonymous - Buyer

“ Barbara is a gem to work with - she guided us through the process from start to finish with great care and expertise. ”

Caitlin Kelleher - Buyer

“ Barbara worked with me over a few years to get some family property sold. She was very patient as I tried to get all family members on board. ”

Barbara Farrington - Seller

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4 Rem Lovenlund GNS #4 Rem, St. Thomas, VI 00802
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