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Buying in the VI – COVID Update

COVID has dramatically affected real estate markets across the country, and buying a home in the US Virgin Islands has become more and more competitive. But what an extraordinary place to live in this ever-changing, work-at-home world! From t...

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Bedroom Interior

5 Tips for a Fresh and Modern Beach House

What is the use of having a beach house if it’s not looking the part? Here are a couple of home decorating ideas to transform your St. Thomas abode into the tropical oasis of your dreams. Add flair and color by incorporating nautical ...

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How to Move to the Virgin Islands

Unsure of how proceed with your move to the US Virgin Islands? Fret not. Use this checklist to facilitate your relocation. Step 1: Do your research. A lot of people struggle with culture shock the minute they step into the shores of...

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Moving to St. Thomas USVI: What You Need to Know

St. Thomas balances sophistication and tropical flair so well, it is easy to see why many plans to relocate to the island. Before you pack your bags and board the first plane to the USVI, here are some of the most important things you need ...

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5 modern design ideas for the heart of your home

Five modern design ideas for the heart of your home

As the heart of the home, the kitchen has moved past its functionality. Today, the kitchen is a place where families spend time together, hang with neighbors over coffee, and entertain guests. As such, the kitchen should now be given as...

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