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About St Thomas

St. Thomas is the hub when it comes to living in the US Virgin Islands. If you’re moving to the US Virgin Islands, it’s helpful to know that each island has unique attractions and lifestyle opportunities. But for those investigating homes for sale in St. Thomas VI, you may be happy to know that St. Thomas has the largest airport, the most commercial resources, is home to the territory’s capital – Charlotte Amalie – and if you want to visit St. John or Water Island, it’s an afternoon excursion. From St. Croix, there’s no afternoon “commute” to sister islands.

This 31-square mile island is hilly, so views abound from waterfront homes on St. Thomas to hillside homes nestled deep into the island’s landscape. When it comes to St. Thomas condos for sale, they too can also be found waterfront or far up into the hillside, offering buyers a range of prices and lifestyles.

Amenities are spread throughout the island. Magens Bay is a world-renowned beach on the Northside and is a destination for tourists and locals alike, especially those in Peterborg and Mahogany Run – two nearby waterfront communities.

Charlotte Amalie Harbor at Dusk

Charlotte Amalie Harbor at Dusk

Charlotte Amalie, along the waterfront, offers extraordinary shopping deals, as does nearby Havensight where restaurants and evening spots offer both sophisticated and casual nightlife diversions. The East End of the island is the doorway to St. John and the British Virgin Islands; it has a town center culture by day and is a hot spot for nighttime revelers. Hull Bay on the Northside attracts water lovers of all sorts, from beach-goers to surfers to paddle-boarders to boaters.

Settled by the Dutch in the mid 1600’s, St Thomas is home to the St. Thomas Reformed Church, established in 1660, which still enjoys a thriving congregation today. On St. Thomas you will also find what is known to be the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the US or its external territories, iconic for its sand floor.

If you’re a business person or investor, the EDC Program – or the Economic Development Commission Program -offered by the Virgin Islands Government is an important incentive for certain companies considering relocating to St. Thomas. The EDC tax benefit program has drawn many families to settle here, enroll their children in local schools and begin a legacy that enhances their financial and personal destiny, as well as contributing to the economic growth of the territory.

Whatever your lifestyle, St. Thomas welcomes you with warmth, sun, sand and a variety of housing, business, religious and entertainment options and opportunities to help you make this island become your home.

St. Thomas sets itself apart from the rest of the islands in the archipelago by its dominant rolling landscape. For this, the island earned its nickname: Rock City. Hills jut to the clear blue sky, then slope down to Main Street and its high-end shops, and then to the pristine beaches and coves where luxury mega yachts are docked.

Of the three main islands in the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas has the reputation for being one of the most popular cruise ports in the Caribbean. USVI’s capital, Charlotte Amalie, is located here.

At a Glance

  • St. Thomas is the chief island in the US Virgin Islands, home to approximately half of USVI’s total population. It is located about 40 miles east of Puerto Rico.
  • St. Thomas’ volcanic history gave rise to the hills that run throughout the island. At roughly 1,555 feet, St. Thomas’ Crown Mountain is the highest point in the USVI.
  • Although the territorial capital is located on St. Thomas, the island only covers a total land area of about 32 square miles.
  • The US Virgin Islands’ colonial past is very evident on St. Thomas, where the Danish first settled in 1672. In addition to the European flavor, there are also strong Afro-Caribbean and Hispanic influences on the island.

History of St. Thomas

St. Thomas holds the distinction of being the first island in the archipelago to be settled by European colonizers. Today, St. Thomas is a world-class destination, packed with family-friendly activities enjoyed all year round.

  • Before it was settled by the Danish, St. Thomas played host to a population of indigenous people called Ciboneys since around 1,500 BC. They were replaced by the Arawaks and later, the Caribs.
  • Aside from being a bustling post and port, St. Thomas was also considered a safe haven for pirates like Black Beard and Captain Kidd in the 17th century.
  • Agriculture, particularly sugarcane production, flourished during the colonial era, but sadly, courtesy of the slave trade. When slavery was abolished in the 19th century, the sugar trade declined.
  • In 1917, St. Thomas, along with the rest of the US Virgin Islands, was purchased by the United States for $25 million in gold. From then on, the whole archipelago became a US territory.

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands Real Estate For Sale

St. Thomas real estate and homes for sale are widely considered sought-after investments in the US Virgin Islands. Because of its cosmopolitan flair and tropical setting, it is also one of the best places in the USVI to invest in second homes and vacation properties. Options include condos, luxury homes, beach villas, and homes with magnificent sea views.

There are a mélange of communities scattered on St. Thomas, such as:

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