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Living in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Of the three main islands that make up the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is well known for its upscale shopping and dining, family-friendly activities, and a multitude of attractions that include natural and historical sites.

Continue reading to get a better glimpse of what St. Thomas has to offer, both as an island paradise and your potential home in the Caribbean.

Living on St. Thomas: What You Need to Know

Before you dive into the blue waters and the island lifestyle, here are a couple of things you need to know about living on St. Thomas.

  • It’s a very hilly island. Nicknamed “Rock City,” St. Thomas’ topography consists of rolling hills that cover most of the island.
  • Americans are able to travel and work freely. Since the USVI is a US territory, US citizens are more than welcome to live, travel, and work on St. Thomas.
  • Locals are called St. Thomians. Long-time residents refer to themselves as St. Thomians. If you’re new to the island and came from the mainland, you will probably be called a “continental” until you’ve settled on St. Thomas long enough.
  • Things can take a while here. St. Thomians enjoy a slow-paced island lifestyle. Service providers sometimes don’t show up, appointments are not necessarily always on time. They call it “island time.”
  • It’s not always sunny in St. Thomas. Although St. Thomas and the rest of the USVI enjoy pleasant summer weather throughout the year, hurricanes remain a big concern in the archipelago. You’ll learn to ensure your home has extra food and supplies in the event of a strong storm. And you’ll learn to safeguard your home with hurricane shutters and take other precautionary measures, to make sure your property is safe against the wind.

Things to do on St. Thomas

From downtown to the beach to the hills of St. Thomas – you will find ways to stay engaged and occupied.

Explore the Charlotte Amalie Historic District

Every St. Thomas experience starts with a walking tour of the Charlotte Amalie Historic District. It is the historical heart of St. Thomas, home to a large number of buildings and homes that date back to the 17th century. Several of St. Thomas’ most iconic attractions are located here, including the neoclassical Government House, Fort Christian, the Legislature Building and the Jewish Synagogue.

Go Beach-hopping

There are more than 40 beaches on St. Thomas. Some of the most popular include…

  • Lindquist Beach
  • Magens Bay
  • Limetree Beach
  • Hull Bay
  • Lindbergh Bay
  • Brewers Bay
  • Coki Point

We love to eat well on St. Thomas. Whether you’re craving authentic native cuisine or fresh seafood, international fare, or some bistro food – we’ve got it all

Here are some of the most popular restaurants in St. Thomas:

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