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Liz McPearce – Buyer

Quite frankly, I don’t know how we could have made this move without Barbara. The service she gave us was truly exceptional.

Before we came to look for houses, we sent her many e-mails with questions about areas of St. Thomas and about unfamiliar things like cisterns, generators, walking on the roads, and hurricane insurance. She responded to every e-mail in full and helped educate us before we even set foot on the island.

Once we arrived on our reconnaissance visit, she met with us and planned a comprehensive itinerary that took six or seven hours each day for the best part of a week. She was a font of knowledge about all the properties we saw and was incredibly patient when we went back for second showings. She explained the intricacies of cisterns, WAPA, rainfall and breeze patterns in various locations, and helped us find the house that was a perfect fit for us – this turned out to be nowhere near the most expensive house we saw. We really felt that she took the time to understand our lifestyle, what we wanted in a home, and eliminate houses that wouldn’t work.

On top of that, she helped us with our eldest daughter who was having a tough time with the move. Barbara loaned our daughter one of her daughter’s school uniforms and helped prep our daughter for her trial day at school. She knew just what to say to make our daughter feel comfortable and played a huge role in helping our daughter come to the realization that the school was a place where she could thrive.

It’s been almost a year since we have bought our house and during that time we have asked Barbara who she would recommend as a hairdresser, a handyman, air conditioner installer, lawyer…the list goes on.

She truly is a full service realtor and guided us deftly and compassionately through the ups and downs of the pre-planning, buying, and acclimatizing stages our island move. We would recommend her without hesitation and can say with complete confidence that she will try to find the right fit for you – even if it means less commission for her. She’s principled, fun, professional, and most of all humane. She knows how hard it is to up-root and move a family here – she’ll listen to you and try and get it right for you.