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Vibrant East End

ST Yacht Club

St. Thomas Yacht Club

I tell folks that what distinguishes the East End from some other areas on the island is – it has a pulse. There’s a lot of activity nestled in the harbor hamlet of Red Hook. Here you’ll find the ferry terminal to St. John and the British Virgin Islands (BVI), boat rental companies, a large medical practice, a postal service, a drug store, gift stores, restaurants and bars and an outstanding grocery store called Moe’s. If you live on the East End, you never have to go too far for the proverbial quart of milk. The East End is also home to the St. Thomas Yacht Club where many a world-famous sailor has learned the ropes. The Virgin Islands Montessori School and International Academy, a toddler through grade 12 independent school, is located on the East End offering a Montessori education for the youngsters and the International Baccalaureate program for older students.There are also several waterfront condominium communities on the East End, for folks with a more limited budget than the East End traditionally requires, or for people who want the convenience of not caring for a home. The drawbacks? The East End is hotter and drier than the Northside or even the West End of the island. And, there’s a degree of hustle-bustle here which may not appeal. The real estate is also pricier than elsewhere on the island.

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