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Beachfront homes/Waterfront homes

If you’re ready to make your dream of owning St. Thomas beachfront real estate a reality, you’ll find great options anywhere in the island. Your choices range from large estates to cozy condos, each offering stunning views and the best access to the clear blue waters of the Caribbean.

Before you make that all-important purchase, however, it’s best to be prepared and make sure you cover all the bases. Here are some tips to consider in buying a beachfront home in St. Thomas:

  1. Visit and live in the island first

    I promise it’s going to be an amazing experience. But when you come visit, make sure to make mental (or actual) notes about anything that might be important to you as a homeowner in the island. Look around different neighborhoods to find one that suits you best. Interact with the locals and get to know the island’s culture and lifestyle. Visit as many properties as you can to find the kind of island home that you’d truly want to call your own.

  2. Be familiar with the island’s natural features

    Some of the things you might want to watch out for include:

    • The terrain – Saint Thomas has a hilly terrain. This makes for fantastic views anywhere on the island but it can also be a strain to navigate
    • The climate – It can get quite hot, so a property with a pool or pool access might be a good option. Likewise, consider cooling breezes. The part of the island that faces the Atlantic get refreshing cooling breezes so you might consider choosing a property there.
    • The hurricanes – They can get pretty devastating, as residents have learned over the years. Make sure the property has been built to withstand these periodic strong storms, and consider getting hurricane insurance. You might also want to look into getting a generator. When a storm hits hard, power outages are not uncommon.
    • Coastal elements – The salt in the air can cause the rapid deterioration of waterfront homes. See to it that the home you buy has been constructed to withstand the effects of saltwater. Be prepared to do more maintenance for the home to counter these effects.
    • Beach access – In certain parts of the island, such as in Peterborg, having a beachfront home does not automatically mean getting direct access to the beach. The geography of the island limits places with direct access to the beach. What you’re certain to get are amazing views of a bay or the ocean.
  3. Work with a Realtor you can trust

    In any real estate transaction, it’s important to work with an experienced Realtor who can guide you throughout the complex buying process. This is even more crucial when you purchase a property offshore and can’t be there 100% of the time to go to open homes or do property visits. You also need someone you can trust to assist you with the numerous paperwork that comes with the process. A knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate professional is a must to help you close the best possible deal.

If you’re looking for beachfront homes for sale in the US Virgin Islands, I’m the Realtor to call. I’m a licensed Realtor who has been helping buyers and investors find the right property in the territory since 2007. Call me for your real estate needs in the territory and close the best possible deal. Get in touch at 340.690.9995 or send an email to barbara(at)seaglassproperties(dotted)com.