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5 Tips for a Fresh and Modern Beach House

Bedroom Interior

What is the use of having a beach house if it’s not looking the part? Here are a couple of home decorating ideas to transform your St. Thomas abode into the tropical oasis of your dreams.

  1. Add flair and color by incorporating nautical stripes.

    If you want to achieve the classic beach house look, you will never go wrong with nautical stripes. This signature blue-and-white pattern, when incorporated into the home decor well, can dress up any space and even inject some breath of modernity.

    Think nautical-themed rugs or a striped throw casually draped on your bed or on the sofa. Not a big fan of stripes? Incorporate the nautical theme by choosing a shade or two of blue as accent colors against a backdrop of white.Blues need not be bright − go for subdued tones, slightly grayish, to give the impression of calm.

  2. Tired of blue but still want a similar shade? Try indigo.

    Indigo may very well be one of the most under-used colors in home decor. It is also often overlooked in coastal themes, as most people favor colors such as seafoam and turquoise. But tell you what, indigo is a great choice. Why settle for shallow waters when you can go for the deep ocean?

    Indigo, in any room, provides depth and an air of maturity. Most of all, it is an incredibly modern color that can still radiate warm, beach vibes despite the cool tone. Did I mention indigo also looks gorgeous when paired with wood and white?

  3. If you don’t like the whole spectrum of blue, try neutral colors.

    You can still create a fresh and modern home without using a single shade of blue. How? By utilizing the whole array of neutral colors instead. Don’t like the ocean? We can settle for sand, which you can mimic by using colors such as cream, beige, ivory, and the softest pink shades.

    This color palette can also work wonders in smaller spaces, as light colors help make rooms feel spacious and breezy. Since many homes enjoy outdoor space that feels like it’s incorporated into the interior – let the natural vibrant colors of the Caribbean stand out by keeping your indoor colors more neutral.

  4. Invest in good materials and furnishings.

    Tile flooring, teak outdoor furniture and some touches of rattan are always pleasant compliments to the beach home. A common décor here in some modest budget rental homes is wicker and floral print. That look has become a bit cliché. If possible, stick with simple shades and cool durable materials.

  5. Replace the standard painted wall with wainscoting.

    Go for the coastal cottage vibe by using beadboard to cover the walls and lend a beachy yet rustic feel to the home. Wainscoting is available in a lot of home improvement stores. Better yet, you don’t need professional help to have it installed, especially if you’re handy with tools.

    If you are not too keen on covering whole walls with beadboard, you can still incorporate wainscoting by having furniture accents such as headboards made using these vertical slabs of wood.

I can connect you to reputable St. Thomas builders and contractors that can help you create the modern beach home you’ve always wanted. Let’s talk! Call me today at 340-690-9995.